Tuesday, March 7, 2017

We are moving!

For a long time now our family has dreamt of moving to Otago, we have a cottage in Dunedin city where we stay from time to time, but it is never enough. We love the vibrant cafe and music culture in Dunedin, the amazing scenery of Central Otago and the breath taking coast roads.

Over Christmas, while we were holidaying we happened upon the perfect house and land...we all cried a little bit...the perfect place but not the perfect time. We went home and talked and talked, and everytime we came back to the fact that the place was perfect, it was us, it was HOME.

So we made an offer, which was accepted and came back to Auckland to prepare.

I have had to change the way I work as my studio was home based, and has been disassembled to accommodate the constant open homes and viewings. I have been working in the family's homes, which has been a little challenging, but very satisfying. I am tempted to add it as an option when I move.

So, this blogpost is basically an update. I am no longer taking Auckland bookings, but if you are in the South Otago / Dunedin area (I will be based at Taieri Mouth - 20 minutes from Milton, 30 minutes from Dunedin via the coast road) feel free to contact me for newborns due any time from May onwards. I will post photos of my studio when we have moved. It is so exciting to have such a beautiful place to work in - from the studio which has plenty of light and room, to the flat paddocks with amazing golden hour back lighting. We are planning a paddock of wildflowers , and maybe a broken down old ute for staging gorgeous family shoots, there are cherry tress for gorgeous girls blossom sessions, and rustic backdrops all over the place, as I said...I'm very excited!

I will also have a studio in central Dunedin which we will develop over the rest of the year, but I am hoping a lot of families will come out to the farm and enjoy the full experience.

I will keep you all updated as the process rolls through, I can't wait to show you!

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