Friday, September 2, 2016

Watch your crop!

I'm a "full service" photographer. It is important to me that your images hang on the walls of your home, or at the very least live in an album or treasure box on the coffee table. I don't want to think of a usb full of beautiful photos which just sits in a desk drawer waiting for "someday". I can sell you the digital files alone or as you can see in my studio I have a range of prints, framed prints, canvases, woodblocks and albums from top quality suppliers.

Recently I read a lovely article (and I'm sure there are many more around) which talks about the importance of having family photos on display, and how it boosts children's self-esteem. Children need to see themselves on the walls of their home, it is tangible proof that they matter. Kids love to sit and pore over photo albums, finding themselves and talking about the things they did when they were smaller. Photos are a great way to open channels of conversation with your kids. Mine are grown ups but when they come to visit the albums come out and the conversation and laughter flows.

But you do have that usb,  and Nana and Granddad want you to send them some prints, they don't use the internet so you are going to have to get some prints made.

In the first instance contact me, I'll guide you through the process of getting beautiful prints from my lab. If this is not possible and you have to do the prints at a local place please check the following guide to ensure your photos print out as expected. You don't want half of baby's head missing! Most of my images are in a 15:11 ratio to enable you to print most standard sizes without losing much of your image, here is a vertical version to give you a good idea, the photo shop you go to should be able to assist if you are unsure. Always check any warnings on the machine before you proceed, and remember to take 
your print release with you in case the copy shop request it.

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